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Robot 8.0


    New features in 8.0 R1:

    • IPA HTTP upgraded to .net 4.0 for TLS 1.2
    • TBOPEN support for CSV
    • pop and imap enhanced measurements
    • Allow auto-logon for robot win-server installation
    • NTBR : Force set break point on valid line
    • Option 10000 in HardCopy to save images in logs
    • httpwatch option in setup
    • Fix for ipv6 TraceRoute
    • NewtRIA workaround if iplabel js could not be inserted in <head>
    • NRM fix for uppercase user logins
    • Black screen detection fix


    New features in 8.0 R0: 

    • Compatible with v3.1 onwards
    • Compatible with Newtest Gateway (NGW)
    • End-to end Security (including NTBR & NGW) :
      - SSL protocol with Newtest SelfSigned certificate
      - STCPIP RSA encryption key goes from 128 bits to 1024 bits
    • Windows 2016 support
    • License enforced on Machine name (no PCID)
    • Video slideshow format (NFV)
    • Newtest Start Menu
    • Click on Windows Objects [ClickOnObject]
    • New retry modes : Aborted, Cancelled status combined with function [SetErrorStatusHandler]
    • Template management
    • IPA: full IPV6 compatibility, TLS1.2 support :
      [DnsRequestV6] (replacing [DnsRequestExt])
    • WebrunnerWizard design Improvements and function [GetHTML]
    • Improved existing functions :
      [WaitWnd] : add ‘ACTIVE’ parameter to activate window if found



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