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Robot 8.1

    Table of contents

    New features in 8.1 R0: 

    • Newtest Mobile: AMS server integration to manage IOS and Android devices
    • Newtest Mobile: interface for AMC (active mobile client), primitives to start and close (Android) a mobile application Android
    • IPAnalyser : support for REST API with JSON extraction and variable usage in subsequent requests (body, headers..)
    • NewtRIA: wizard extension for DOM Select fields
    • NewtRIA: New HTTP capture mode (StartHARCapture) by proxy , including windowmanager rule to close proxy certificate
    • Robot NHTTP connection to NMC : mix fixes (simultaneous  operation with scenario HTTP capture, etc.)
    • Robot : deletion of Newtest files in VirtualStore directory
    • GATEWAY : log level improvements
    • NRM : add TLS1.2 parameter in Windows registry at startup (SchUseStrongCrypto)
    • NTBR : backup IE SETTINGs when executing a NewtRIA scenario
    • Robot : addition of NHTTPS protocol to connect to NGW
    • Robot : improvements for hardcopy function (keep hardcopy locally in jpeg format….)
    • Robot: do not force-autologon by default (kiosk mode)
    • SCHEDULE : backup /restore of Internet settings before and after scenario execution (Only for graphical queue n° 1)
    • NEWTNET : improve traces
    • IPA http headers encoding fix (xml)
    • GATEWAY : improve connection check in STCPIP
    • RDPEXEC : new function to execute and control a rdp session from script
    • ROBOTSESSIONMANAGER : remove need for admin user rights
    • Robot: Fix for autologon deactivation. Fix remaining cases where autologon was still enabled even if robot was disabled (impossible RDP access)
    • Robot: Flag improvement for autologon. Autologon management can be disabled with registry key
    • Robot: Alignment for black screen detection
    • NTENGINE : process cleanup improvement for some cases (PCAP capture?)
    • SENDKEY COMBINATION : support for syntax "{CONTROL}([100])" to allow delay between key press and release
    • WAIT BITMAP & OCR : continuer la recherche même si la fenêtre courante disparait
    • IPA SMTP: timeout generation when facing sending issues
    • IPA POP : timeout generation when facing reception issues, new exception for parameter POP3_READ_MAILS_COUNT
    • IPA IMAP : search on subject AND sender
    • IPA POP: new parameter POP3_TOTAL_MAILS_COUNT
    • Scripting : fix pattern re-initialisation in FINDSTRING
    • Scripting : Add function able to release chrono suspension
    • Robot : Proxy support for NHTTP connection to NMC ( NRM settings)
    • Robot : Only measurements declared in parent scenario (from scenarioexec) are returned
    • Robot session CONFIGURATION : take into account long domain name notation to configure robot session (Ex: celtics.ip-label.com  vs celtics)
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