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Robot 8.2

    New features in 8.2 R1:

    Cosmetic changes  


          o Renaming Tesseract option in RialityOCR


          o HttpWatch is no more installed by default with NO UI installer

    Bug fixes

          o Video diagnostics not sent to NMC server
          o Regression on project export : internal image library could be lost
          o Incorrect project name when importing in NTBR
          o German holidays no more planned in calendar
          o Default Timeout on ScenarioExec execution not taken into account
          o Incorrect robot setup name inserted into database
          o Temporarely removing log button to fix bug for version 8.3
          o Removing NRM proxy launch at the end of install/upgrade setup to avaid side effect on reobot execution
          o profui dll file missing

    New features in 8.2 R0: 


    Major Evolutions

          o New OCR based on Tesseract 
          o Integation of new dictionnairies (German, Finnish, Chinese, Swedish, Dutch)
          o New OCR based on Google Vison API ( from Google Cloud Functions)

    Minor Evolutions

         o Include HTTPWATCH et NVFViewer clients in Set-Up
         o New NMC Set-up with manifest (Robot side)
      NTBR : 
         o Add 3 new functions : BuildURL, AddURLArg et PowerShellExec in NewTest-Basic
         o Add sensitive case checkbox in assistant and leave 'case insensitive' by default in WaitWnd function
         o Compliance with TLS 1.2 only mode
         o AES scenario password encryption

    Cosmetic changes

          o Deactivate color coding in scripting Studio
          o Step by Step mode - incorrect variable display
          o integration of 7za.exe to package/unpackage projects sent/received from NMC server
          o diagnostic are synchronously sent to NMC server with results
          o Force Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) (active by default on robot serveur) to disable it, set [REMOTE_MANAGER]NO_DISABLE_IE_ESC=1
          o setting reboot session with value  [REMOTE_MANAGER]SESSION_REBOOT_DELAY=0 and combining [REMOTE_MANAGER]NO_AUTOLOGON=1 allow the robot to run in real user session
          o Simplify protocols display in NEWTEST Robot session configuration tool
          o Machine name alias in NRM settings
          o Usage of WINHTTP librairy instead of WININET for multi threading purpose (enabling librairy with flag LOG NTOOLBOX_USE_WINHTTP=2)
          o Add httpwatch basic in setup NVFViewer setup
          o Block robot installation on a server already having NMC installed

    Bug fixes

          o Version HTTPWATCH 11.1.47
          o Force reinstall HTTPWATCH not work
          o Do not remove NTBR data (projects) by default in case of reinstall
          o Disable dependancies on scenario export in specific cases, for instance password are dependant to scenario using them and are sent to server even if they are not changed
          o Not the same processing of redirection between HttpRequest() and HttpwRequestExt()
          o Click on object not working
          o Version number not visible in traces anymore
          o Filter not working preperly in Mail Subject lookup in POPRequestV6
          o Manage retry variable (SCENARIO.RETRIES.REMAINING) when not affected
          o fix ClearIECache function
          o Fix WaitSearchBitmap frozen assistant issue
          o possibility to add options to RDP+
          o New code generated by IPA assistant to check the status of GetHttpRequest and to do not send any measure in case of failure
          o NHTTP : protocol was not taken into account for proxy rule definition 
      DRP (option):
          o Sysinfo Data were not transferred to secondary servers
          o Robots and scenario do not show in NMC web console 
          o Add ExportProbeManager return code for scripting
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