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Robot 8.3


    New features in 8.3 R0: 


    Major Evolutions

      RIAlity scripts in Newtest: 
          o Integration of RIAlity into Newtest 
          o Creation and integration of 3 template scenarios running a RIAlity script (download here)
          o Setup of RIAlity and RIAlity scripting
      Enriched diagnostics                 
          o Enrichment of the NVF Reader to assist analysis
          o %CPU per process in the scenario
          o Network flows per destination IP
          o Slider between curves and video
          o NRDF (NVF) log visualizer
          o New file format for NVF -> NRDF
          o Curve can be opened in a separate window
          o Options for using NRDF format in scenario properties
          o Filter sorting in the separate window for curves 
          o Display of communication ports per IP address
          o Identification of IP addresses for robot network cards
          o Control of NRDF video resolution 
          o NRDF documentation

    Minor Changes

      NTBR : 
         o TESSERACT renamed RIAlity OCR
          o Robot: asynchronous management of diagnostics and alarms
          o Addition of a setting to refrain from installing HttpWatch in NOUI      
          o Retrieval of the frame title
          o Robot: execution in block mandatory for scenarios
          o Addition of a setting to refrain from installing HttpWatch in NOUI
          o Timestamp problem in video diagnostics
          o Edge operation based on Chrome plug-in (experimental)
          o Preparation pcaprecorder using Winpcap (latest version)
          o New AMS mobile functions inspired by AMS Swagger
          o Allow to set public address in robot Heartbeat (USEIPADDRESS=
          o Improvements of NRM settings      

    Bug fixes

          o NTBR: regression in the dialogue box for importing projects
          o Correction of calendar of German holidays
          o Regression – video diagnostics not returned to NMC server
          o NHTTPS problem (Import/Export)
          o Problem importing multiple projects
          o Image search : timeout too short introduces inconsistant bahavior when recognition pct is set lower
          o Failure in proxy authentification : force unicaode format
          o Flag to enable wathcdog on NHTTP.EXE activity [NTB_HTTP_LISTENER]NHTTP_WATCHDOG=0 (nb seconds after we restart the EXE if no traffic detected)


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