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Robot/NTBR Installation - EN

    The purpose of this entry is to provide you with the necessary information for direct or quiet/silent installation of Newtest Robot and NTBR products.

    Installation packages may change over time in phase with the types of client configurations that arise. Our aim is to increase our installers' compatibility with as many client environments as possible. We therefore encourage you to always make sure you download the latest installation version of the products available on the extranet, www.ip-label.com to ensure that you have the most up-to-date installer.


    1. Machine requirements

    The hardware (CPU, RAM…) and OS required for installing Newtest products are detailed in the document "ROBOT Installation Manual" available in the download area (Newtest Documents / Installation / NEP components installation) on the extranet at www.ip-label.com. Please be sure to always refer to this document for the latest install information.

    Running the setup of a Newtest Robot/NTBR product may require user credentials for privilege elevation to administrator on the workstation. To use the product afterwards, a standard user account suffices.


    2. Installation options


    Starting with version 8, Newtest Robot and NTBR components are delivered together in a single package. This means that installing NTBR and/or a robot always involves installing both components on the host, each component with its own functionalities. Setup is divided into 2 phases: installation of the binaries, and then robot configuration (optional). As the second phase is optional, the robot does not have to be declared on the server if you are using only NTBR. By way of a reminder, NTBR and the robot cannot be launched simultaneously in the same user session.  


    There are two ways to install Newtest Robot v8:

    Installation from scratch: with a combined Robot/NTBR setup (including .NET 3.5) with a graphical interface or without ('no UI' in the command line)

    Upgrade: with a combined Robot/NTBR setup (without .NET 3.5) with a graphical interface or without ('no UI' in the command line)

    o   For versions older than 7.5.1, manual uninstall is needed before proceeding with an installation 'from scratch'..

    o   If the version to upgrade is < 8.0, the upgrade will be performed in two steps, by applying the option 'force re-install' in the setup: 

    1.      Step 1: uninstallation of the components of the version to upgrade while preserving robot connection data, with a choice of keeping/editing user data (NTBR projects directory, install paths, etc.). 

    2.      Step 2: installation from scratch, using the Newtest configuration settings selected beforehand in Step 1. 

    o   If the version to update is >= 8.0: upgrade of components is required without uninstalling or reinstalling the product. The option 'force re-install' remains available in setup options. 


    The Robot 8 setup installers are available from two sources:

    • on the site www.ip-label.com,Newtest / Download area
    • from the download area of NMC, if a particular Robot package (see below) was installed on the NMC server beforehand


    2.1    Newtest Download area

    The install and upgrade packages for Newtest Robot/Newtest Transaction Builder are located on the ip-label extranet extranet (www.ip-label.com), in the Support / Download area.

    Clicking the Newtest icon:

    gives you access to the Robot documentation and software that is available for downloading:


    For the setup packages which can be installed directly on the workstation on which you wish to run the product, the setup filenames to download are:


    This installs Robot 8 using a graphical interface and .NET 3.5.



    This installs Robot 8 without a graphical interface, with .NET 3.5, using a command line interface. Command line options are:

         [-install <INSTALL DIR>       // Force install dir

         [-data <DATA DIR>             // Force data dir

         [-reinstall]                   // Force uninstall(all) and install (recommanded for previously Robot present machines)

         [-uninstall]                  // Force uninstall (all) only

         [-noreboot]                   // Do not reboot (no ui)

         [-server <COLLECTOR ADDRESS>] // Configure the server connexion string

         [-robot <ROBOT NAME>]

         [-user <SESSION USER NAME>]

         [-domain <SESSION DOMAIN NAME>]

         [-password <SESSION USER PASSWORD>]

         [-active] //Start robot session (defaut)

         [-inactive] //Do no Start robot session

         [-wait] // start the installation instatly

    Example: NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-SETUP-NOUI.EXE -wait -install C:\NEWTEST\ROBOT\BIN -data C:\NEWTEST\ROBOT\DATA -server "STCPIP:SERVER:8181" -robot MSWIN2012R2 -user ROBOT01 -domain NEWTMULTI -password 123456 - wait


    NMC deployment package

    Regarding the setup package that can be installed from NMC, it is available to Newtest users in the Download area. The name of the package to download is: NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-SETUP-UI.exe.

    It will then be visible in the 'Download' area of NEP after installation.


    Naming conventions:

    The names of Robot setup executables all begin with 'NEWTEST-ROBOT'.

    Next comes the version number in the following format: <MAJOR>.<MEDIUM>.<MINOR>R<RELEASE>, where <RELEASE> is the number of the cumulative update (when applicable). For example, 8.0.0R001 for cumulative update 001.

    Lastly, the name of the setup, and then the word SETUP, identifies the nature of the program. 


    Other available setup packages:

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-AM-ADMIN-SETUP.exe: installs the administration client for the answering machine service.

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-AM-SERVER-SETUP.exe: installs the answering machine (Windows) service.

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-FPVIEW-SETUP.exe: installs the fpview video analysis utility.

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-GATEWAY-SETUP.exe: installs only the Gateway service; also opens the configuration utility.

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-MONITORING-SETUP.exe: installs robot Monitoring. 

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-NVFVIEWER-SETUP.exe: installs the Newtest-format video player (NVF, for diagnostic videos activated in this format in scenario properties).

    - NEWTEST-ROBOT-8.0.0R0-PESQ-SERVER-SETUP.exe: installs the voice PESQ calculation service.


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