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Roadmap and supported versions

    Our policy is to support the current major version N and version N-1. Bug fixes are available for the latest minor version for each major release.

    The tables below summarize the dates per release.

    End of support (Server):

    Version SP or Release Delivery date End of support Support Type
    2.2.1 R16 (minor) July 2013 Q1 2019 (NEPv4)  
    3.0.x R1 (major) October 2014 June 2019 Blocking bug only
    3.1 R0 (minor) Q4 2017 June 2019 (MS SQL2008 server), extension possible (*) Fixes and product evolution
    4.0 Rx (major)

    Q2 2019 (Production)

    2023 (**) Fixes and product evolution
    4.1   Q1 2020 (**) 2023 (**)  
    (*) extension until June 2020

    End of support (Robot):

    Version Last SP or release Delivery date End of support Support Type
    7.5.1 R16 (minor) April 2012 Q1 2018 (Robot 8)  
    7.6 R16 (major) April 2014 2020 (Robot 9**) Blocking bugs only
    8.0 Rx (major)

    February 2018

    Migration to 8.1 Compatible with NEP V3.1 or newer
    8.1   July 2019 2022 (**) Fixes and product evolution


    (**) Estimated date, subject to change depending on real release date.






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