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1. Debug and Troubleshooting

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    The latest RUM BI script version is available here:

    Debug options

    To activate verbose details in the console, define:

    rumbiConf.CLOBSDEBUG_ipln = 1;

    To display the script version in the console, type :


    Decode measurements

    RUM BI script troubleshooting can be best done with the Browser debug tool (F12).

    The calls to ip-label collectors should be visible in the 'network' tab

    If needed, values can be decoded by extracting url parameters. The example below is done in Friefox with right click => copy URL parameters:

    the collector answers in the response body with the following codes:

    • ur : KO
    • inat : Tracker disabled
    • net : tracker undefined
    • qs : OK

    The on-demand decoder url for debug purposes is https://gx.ip-label.net/rumbi/decode.php?extra

    The values decoded are show below:

    - OBS url: page url or timer name (Ajax start/stop timings)

    - OBS CUSTOM1: custom dim value (legacy)

    - OBS CUSTOM2: "Business" custom dim value

    - OBS CUSTOM3: "abtesting" custom dim value

    - OBS CUSTOM4: "infrastructure" custom dim value

    - OBS CUSTOM5:  "customer" custom dim value


    A test page can be found here: http://rumbi-testpage.dev.ip-label.io/#


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