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1. Script positioning


    RUM BI script latest version

    The latest build is available under: https://rum.col.ip-label.net/clobs.min.js

    RUM BI script insertion in HTML

    The script should be inserted this way:

    <script id="clobscript" type="text/javascript" src="clobs.min.js"></script>

    And variables defined beforehand in a <script type="text/javascript"> zone

    //when using standard navigation timings (TTI..), the minimum configuration is :

    var rumbiConf={id:"trackerid",v:0, performancetiming:3};

    By default, response times will be recorded and tied to the page url, and "universes" or "page groups" can be declared later. If wished, the url can be overwritten with the variable iplparcours, for example:

    var iplparcours = "mycustompagename";

    Please see this link for details about performancetiming values for measurements metrics and this page about custom timings.

    // Set up custom variables if required
    var iplcustomdim="test";
    // All custom variables :
    // iplcustomdim
    // iplbusiness
    // iplabtesting
    // iplinfrastructure
    // iplcustomer

    for China and ASIA, configure also a local collection CDN:

    var ipldomain  = "col001.ip-label.cn/Data/coll.aspx"


    Ajax custom timing example page: http://rumbi-testpage.dev.ip-label.io/


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