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Ajax with RUM BI

    Last update: 11/9/2018


    In some cases, the need is not to measure the full page load as per default RUM script behaviour, but only a partial load within the application:

    - Popup/Popin

    - Specific HTML field refresh

    - etc.

    This means the RUM BI javascript need to be customised for either:

    - for stoping the timing, when the start is still a mouse click

    - for both start & stop actions, when the mouse click is not accurate as a start time

    There are also 2 cases of Ajax to be identified by analyzing the HTTP trafic and HTML/Javascript code :

    - AJAX with HTML return: here we assume that the click action is still the starting point. After that, use clobs.ax(page name) in the returned HTML <script> block to stop the measurement. More details are given here: http://sf1.col.ip-label.net:8000/f/0140890f60/. For reporting, the 'page name' string can be used to defined Universe within a regular expression rule.

    - Ajax with callback : When doing ajax calls with JSON for example, there is no HTML code where the script can be embedded, use the start/stop timer from the right location within the web application. For reporting, the timer name can be used to defined Universe within a regular expression rule. clobs.startTimer('timerName'); and clobs.stopTimer('timerName');

    In order to clear a specific timer (handler for failed case), call the function clobs.abortTimer('timerName');

    Mode details can be found under this link: http://sf1.col.ip-label.net:8000/f/d90b0eeded/


    Example for HTML return

    Ajax start:

    <script type="text/javascript">var iplajax=1;var iplobserverstart=new Date();</script>

    Ajax stop in HTML code:

    <script type="text/javascript">clobs.ax(document.URL+".popin");</script>


    Example for Ajax callback usage

    Ajax start:


    The Ajax timer stop is triggered in the method callback definition :


    url : "AJAX_POST_URL",

    type: "POST",

    data : formData,

    success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR)


    //data - response from server

    //The server answered: stop the RUM timer



    error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {




    For debug from the browser making the test, please see the PDF documentation that explains how to verify the collector call and how to decode the tag with http://gx.ip-label.net/rumbi/decode.php (add ?extra for mor details).

    A demo page can be found here: http://rumbi-testpage.dev.ip-label.io/



    If required, the "development mode" can be activated when working with Ajax so that no onload or Navigation timing records will be generated.

    var ipldevmod = 1;

    add also rumbiConf.ajax = 1 for a start on click events(definition of listeners).

    Reporting & Universe creation

    For each timer, a specific universe should be created with the timer name (as for iplparcours).

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